chilly morning

No, it's not morning anymore, but it was earlier when I was wearing this and took this picture.
I am wearing: a Boston Proper wool jacket from the thrift store, Anne Taylor Loft trousers from  the thrift store, and a shirt that I sewed quite a while ago - back when I actually bought fabric new on a regular basis. And a scarf that I knit last winter from recycled yarn.   
That was a lot of yarn!  The sweater that I pulled for it was a long cardigan/coat thing, and there was no yarn left at all once I had put on the fringe.  Actually, when I first knit it, I didn't like it very much.  But that was last winter at least and now I think it goes pretty well with my style.  I really like the look of it with the navy and stripes.

I am also wearing some navy Keds, but you can't see them in the picture...oops.