Easter outfit

sweater/blazer: Thrifted
scarf: made from thrifted fabric
dress: Target, $13
lace skirt: Target, around $6
boots: stole 'em from my mom, she got them from Zappos

You've seen this dress before, with teal tights, which brought out one of the colors in the print.  The boots that I borrowed from my mom bring out a different color, and with the gray and yellow, I think it worked out a lot better this time!  I have a thing for boots, and I'm so jealous of these!


some knit tops

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted, but I promise I've been working on things!  Here's some knit tops that I've just made.

First is a top made from a men's  turtleneck shirt.  I did the anchor in reverse applique from another shirt, a men's tee shirt.  This is one of my favorite refashions ever!  I love the anchor.

This was made from the rest of the tee shirt, plus some fabric from a shirt I bought that I sewed too small the first time I tried to refashion it.  The neck was the original, cut off and sewed here.

This is from a knit floral pillowcase. I did the neckline a little different this time, twisting it before I sewed it on.

This is from a size 22 women's shirt from a yard sale.  It was almost one of my best sewn knit things ever; I can't tell the difference between the binding on the armholes (which I sewed on) and the binding on the neck (which in from the original). Sadly, I cut a hole while trimming the extra seam allowance by the armhole, and had to patch it up.  Not so great...

This one I just took in the sides.  Big deal.  Liked the navy and white, though!

So, yes, I've been working on things!  I got a few things that have been sitting around taken care of, finally!


gingham shorts

I made these shorts out of a Ralph Lauren new, unused top sheet, which someone gave to me knowing that I like to sew.  They are a modification of these shorts, with front pleats, cuffs, actual back pockets (the pattern had like fake pockets), and shaped carriers.  These have got to be my very best project, how they are finished  and detailed and everything.  I am so happy with them!

The jacket is a hand-me-down from my little brother, a boy's size 10 jacket which looks great but is a little tight in my broad shoulders. The next project that I am working on is a jacket that has the same shape as this, but will actually fit my shoulders.  Can't wait to show you!


gaucho refashion

So here we have the other piece of the liz claiborne set:

And here is what I made.

I've been so excited about this pattern for a long time, because I could see the potential for modifying it.  This is my first attempt at it.  There are no modifications to the pattern for these shorts outside of eliminating the facing on the pockets, though the fit needs to be worked on a little.
I used the inside of the fabric for the outside, so that it wasn't quite so bright...I'm really glad I did, or they might have looked like pajamas.  They're just as comfy as pajamas, though!