gingham shorts

I made these shorts out of a Ralph Lauren new, unused top sheet, which someone gave to me knowing that I like to sew.  They are a modification of these shorts, with front pleats, cuffs, actual back pockets (the pattern had like fake pockets), and shaped carriers.  These have got to be my very best project, how they are finished  and detailed and everything.  I am so happy with them!

The jacket is a hand-me-down from my little brother, a boy's size 10 jacket which looks great but is a little tight in my broad shoulders. The next project that I am working on is a jacket that has the same shape as this, but will actually fit my shoulders.  Can't wait to show you!


  1. Oh squee, these are so cute! I need to make some too, I hope you don't mind. Just gotta find that gingham fabric lying around in my parents' attic somewhere...

  2. Love those cute shorts. You did a great job.

  3. WOW!!!

    I'm in awe, they look industrially made!!!!

    I really wish I had your sewing skills!


  4. Cuteness girly, just love them! Who would have thought a sheet! I saw a pattern for shorts just today that is very much like these... mmmmmm

  5. Funny, I just pulled the pattern for those shorts out a few hours ago. You sealed the deal, I shall make them. I <3 everything you create. You rock!

  6. These are really pretty shorts and very well made too! I just found your blog today and I love your sense of style.