first jeans ever

It's been a little while, but I can blame the heat!  It's finally come upon us!  The hot weather totally zaps my energy when it first starts coming.

But, there's been a little break in the heat, so I've finished these pants that I've been working on.

They are sort of jeans, with the fit and the back yoke and the five pockets, but they're made of some vintage corduroy from a yard sale.  I don't know if that disqualifies them from being called jeans or what.  They're cords, anyway.

This is my first attempt at jeans, and my first successful attempt at pants from scratch.  I guess they look okay! 

This pattern is killing me.  There is still way too much fabric in the seat, even after modifying the original twice then adding the back yoke (which is supposed to help with that).  I also took it in a size from when I used it for these shorts, and then again while sewing, but they still look a little baggy, as you can see.  My goal for this pattern is to eventually have the perfect go-to base pattern for any shorts, slim trousers, and skinny pants, tailored to me, but it is slow in coming! 


  1. Hi Tori, I've just discovered your blog through Refashion Co-op and I love everything you make. You're quite an inspiration :)

  2. these are fantastic, nice one!

  3. Even though they are a little loose, those pants are killer! I love everything about them! Awesome jeans.

    I'm still too scared to try jeans- fabric is expensive, what if I mess up?

  4. ooh those are really nice! x

  5. Wow, I love them. Doesn't matter if they are jeans or cord, they look fabulous. Great fabric choice.

  6. GORGEOUS! I love skinnies myself, and this flowered cord is just too perfect for 'em. Lovely job! Built By Wendy patterns were my first jean-sewing experience as well.