octopus tee

a refashion made from two old tees:

Chloe was all excited!  The time these pics were taken was when I normally take her and Crosby for their walk.  Seeing me standing next to a door was more than she could handle.  She sort of messed me up though, cuz there's no really good picture of the octo.

Basically, I like the way it looks, but the neckline gathers it in a way I don't like.  It's hard to find the right length for the neckband!  If it's too long, it'll that bacon collar thing going on, if it's too short, you gather the fabric it's sewn to.  I'm thinking I'll try some different methods for attaching them...we'll see.


  1. Nice tee, but the hat really blew me away. Have you got a patten for that?

    1. Hey thanks! The hat is the Felicity pattern, published in Knitology, and is a free pattern on Ravelry. Love the pattern,so easy, you should check it out!