stripes again...

yeah I know what you are thinking...I know, it's sad...I have just not been sewing much.  I actually have spent the past, like, three months working on this shawl for my grandma - which is ready just in time for our triple-digit summer!  Oops...

So on a more positive note:

Yes, stripes, again.  I just have a thing for stripes.  The fabric was something I saw at a thrift store that I just had to get, and the pattern is improvised, based very very loosely on a favorite shirt from Forever 21 - actually, they don't have anything in common except for the dropped sleeves.

I did not photograph what I did, but I am planning on making one with some drapey off-white loose knit - gorgeous!   So yup, stay tuned, I'll do a tutorial then.  Knowing me though, who knows when that will be...jk

See my plastic spoon flower?  Yeah, cool huh?  I saw a glimpse of a blog that had it, and it was like in French or something, and it was a long time ago, but I had to try it, and I think it looks really cool!  It's just super bulky and makes a sound like, well, plastic spoons.  And a couple of petals fell off.  You just bread off the handles and melt them over a candle till they get floppy, then melt the broken part and stick 'em together.  Voila! 

You can also expect to be banished to the backyard if you happen to live with anyone with a sense of smell...sorry.

As you can see, it has a drawstring, which is because the curve in back ended up very odd-shaped and I knew it would be fixed if the front were narrower - hence the drawstring.  I think that doing a little stitch-in-the-ditch on the side seams will fix the problem I have with the fullness going into the back and making it all wrinkly and weird looking.

Hope you like it!  And I really do apologize for my uh, laziness I guess.

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  1. i really like it. looks i like something i also need to try :)
    so would love to see a tutorial soon ;)