What happened?

A while back, I went to Joann's to get some Simplicity patterns, which were on sale for a dollar.  I was going to get the same patterns online for eight dollars a piece (on sale, too) but it didn't work out, and I'm glad it didn't because one buck a piece is much better.  But instead of spending only a few dollars, I went home with $35 worth of fabric.  What happened?  

The clearance.  Every clearance fabric was 50% off.  Coat-weight wool for eight dollars a yard...I mean, that's a score!  I hadn't been inside a fabric store in ages.  I wasn't prepared mentally for the clearance section at all, and I had some spending cash on me.  This is what I bought:

for a coat
to line a coat
for pants
I made a tank with this fabric, a stretch cotton blend. This fabric was like $2 a yard.

All I have to say is, those ruffles on the neckline were a pain!  That's part of the reason the ruffle on the bottom was left raw...


  1. I'm so glad I came across your blog on wardrobe refashion since we share similar visions.
    I too like to refashion clothes and try to reuse instead of buying, all while looking stylish.

    Great work, I'm your newest follower!!

  2. Great job with your fabric finds! I think $35 is pretty reasonable to spend on fabric...whenever I buy fabric I end up spending at least $50--on sale! Fabric is an addiction...