Well, I got my casts off, which was nice.  Then we went camping, and I couldn't do too much there!  But here I am now, finally.

In the first outfit, everything I'm wearing is from the thrift store except for the trapper hat, from Marshall's for $20.  Those boots are some men's work boots, and I have to say the grip on those things is amazing for climbing on the rocks!

I know that the dress looks super weird in that picture, I promise it was the wind!  Usually I take my own pics and can check and see how they look, but the battery was running low.  The dress I've had for a little while, the scarf and hat I had just bought at a thrift store in the area where we were staying.

My sister took the pic of Chloe, and it was too cute not to put on here!  She loved camping.  She had been a breeding dog, and she's now in a sort of retirement, and she probably never got to go camping before.  We had so much fun with our doggy!

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