cast ON!!!

So I went snowboarding for the first time this season and within the first hour I hit some ice and it sort of tripped me backwards, and I had enough force that when I reached out both my hands behind me, I ended up with two broken wrists.  And I had to sit around with them for twelve hours till I could get to the emergency room.  So what is a girl supposed to do with two casts?  I am not the type to sit around and watch TV all the time.  I usually knit while I watch TV.  Besides, even What Not to Wear can get old.  So what am I supposed to do?

Cast on!

 My fingers were very cold when I went outside, and the casts are so bulky that I can't even put my hands into my pockets.  I asked my mom to make me some fingers only gloves, but by that evening she hadn't and I just cast on myself.  Maybe the first day wasn't such a good idea, because my fingers swelled up and I had to stop.  But I finished them fine soon enough!

I actually used this pattern, because the gauge was more what I was looking for.  I cast on 34 sts on size US 4 needles and followed the instructions for the fingers in the pattern.  They're nice and warm, just what I needed!


  1. Oh, good heavens!! Only the most dedicated of crafters would keep on creating things after such a mishap! Here's to super-quick healing for you -- in the meantime, I must say, you're rocking the look in excellent style!

  2. Tori

    OH my gosh you poor thing! You have my sypmathy and get wells soon. Ouch

  3. double ouch!
    but i think your solution is hilarious.
    loving the creative response.

  4. get well soon!
    I just presented you with a blog award - you can view it at: http://greenbuggg.blogspot.com/2011/02/cooli-got-award.html

  5. You're hilarious! I cannot believe you could knit with those casts on. I can't knit with carpal tunnel, but you're giving me hope. Or at least maybe we can be in the same crazy crafters club! Hope your healing went easily. (I just found your blog while poking around the 'net.)

  6. hahah thats hilarious!!! you are amazing....