me in the Target Dress

As often as I go to thrift stores, and as much of my wardrobe is from thrift stores, I still buy clothes.  This dress is an example, from the sales rack in Target. I really really love the fabric!  The colors are all in my favorite palette, and floral prints are something I am loving right now.  The fit of the dress is not great, and I had to take the shoulder seam in.  When I cut the straps open, I could tell this was not the greatest quality, so the hefty $13 clearance price tag was for the look only!  Sad, yes, but it does look cute.

Dress: Target, $13
Sweater: had-me-down (I don't mind!) from Mums, free
Tights: Kohl's, Simply Vera Vera Wang, Christmas gift
Shoes: thrift store, maybe $3 or $4
Bag: gift, originally from thrift store, $5
Hat: made it, this pattern, which is a free Ravelry download
Belt: Thrift store, Levi's, 10 cents (I'm not kidding!)

The jewelry is two necklaces.  One is made of the kind of chain that has the square gem things, in this case black, which I got at a yard sale, like, years ago.  The heart on the chain I made myself; the heart is of polymer clay, and the chain is from a spool of chain that I got at Michael's.

And that's it!

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  1. hahaha isnt it sooo annoying how cheaply things are made? Its soooo hard for me to pay even clearence price for store bought clothing.... since ive been thrifting and refashioning ive saved sooo much money and learned a lifelong skill.... i think we could be best friends haha :)