my most versatile - fitted blazer

I like boxy blazers - the boyfriend blazer trend is like totally my thing - but there are certain rules you have to follow if you want your outfit to be flattering.  In other words, boxy or larger blazers shouldn't be worn with wide pants.  Fitted blazers can go over anything, both wide and fitted pants.  This may sound pretty basic, but where I live, "most versatile" means an oversized hoodie.  I actually have a hoodie that I wear a lot, but I definitely wear this a lot more!  The Nautica sweater that used to be my brother's (well, he says it's still his) is not exactly what you call stylish, although it looks cute with my plaid scarf and my gray knit hat, and shorts with tights - that's not the point, though.

This is a velveteen blazer, Gap, thrifted, and is actually a very dark purple color.  It looked brand new when I bought it, but I've worn it so much that the elbows are starting to become worn down, but if it ever gets too noticeable leather patches would look cute!
Hat: I made it myself
Scarf: little brother made it for me
sweater: Lauren Conrad, Kohl's
The boots are Banana Republic, from Ross a while back

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