Christmas Gifts

I did a lot of knitting this Christmas.  Like, I think I must have been crazy.  Here's a couple of things.

 This vest for my Gramps was knit from recycled cotton/wool blend yarn, and I happened to get lucky with it because I had two thrifted sweaters that were both from Old Navy originally and both had the same content.  This was my first try at intarsia knitting - pretty happy with it!
 This vest for sissy was my own pattern that had the bobble stitch from this pattern.  It is cotton recycled yarn, a thrifted sweater, and there was so much of it (I had 2 of the originals) that with this and a sweater for my brother, I still have enough to make something for myself...haven't decided what, though, and I hate being matchy matchy.

It's a little baggy, especially for my sister's taste, but the thing took so long to knit that there's no exchanges - sorry sis.  But she's been wearing it all day which is a great success with her!
This is me, in an old picture, but I pulled this sweater and reknit it in a different size for my mom.  Unfortunately it came out too big, and she has an IOU for a smaller size - that makes four IOUs leftover from Christmas.  Luckily this one is a very fast knit with the big yarn and needles.  Yeah, some can be exchanged.

Happy new year!


  1. I love the sweater on your grandpa! I bet he loved it! Argyle is one of my favorite patterns. Do you find your recycled yarn in a skein or do you buy sweaters and unravel them?

  2. There ware two sweaters that I unraveled that were both the same brand and both with the same content, which worked out great for me!

  3. I found your blog via Wardrobe Refashion. I recently started knitting and will hopefully make the move from scarves to something more substantial soon. Look forward to reading more.
    - A

  4. I added a hat pattern of yours to my revelry queue a while ago and happily just rediscovered it, which led me to your blog, also quite happily. Might I ask if/when you reknit the last lace cardigan that you post a pattern? I love it and am looking for the perfect project for my first foray into sweater knitting. If it's not too much trouble for you to write out the pattern, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks lady!

  5. The pattern for the lace cardigan was not my own, though I did do a couple of alterations. The pattern I used is Wrenna published in French Girl Knits, by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.