backpack attempt

yeah, I know that it's been a while.  I went on a semi-long trip and haven't quite gotten back in the groove of things.  Anyway, here is a backpack that I tried to make, but am not too thrilled with the way it turned out:

This bag is made from some of a huge men's wool coat and a leather jacket.  This is my first time sewing with leather, and though I absolutely love leather, and want to sew with it more often, I don't think I will any time soon because my sewing machines don't like it too well.  If I were to show you the inside where the flap was sewn to the back, you would understand.  Sigh!  

In the pictures, it doesn't actually look too bad.  But in person, or rather, on my body, you can see that it doesn't sit very well.  Personally, I think it's a flop.

But, never to be deterred, studying this adorable bag from Target (if you ever see someone studying one bag for ages and not buying it, that's me) has shown me the changes I need to make in the shape and construction. 

I would love to make it in a vintage floral too, but the fabric I would have used went to those pants.  But anyway, you should see another attempt at some point, when I can buy the hardware and cotton webbing 'n stuff.  We'll have to see what fabric I'll use...

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  1. Well it looks good from here! Thats a shame it didnt turn out how you wanted, altho I'd look at it as an excuse to sew more! :)