marshmallow lace pullover update

Hi everyone!  I have gotten a couple of comments on my marshmallow lace pullover on Ravelry saying that the it was confusing, so I wanted to say a couple things about the pattern - first of all, if you've tried it, please please let me know what I need to do to make it clearer!  It would mean so much if you could help me with that! I write patterns all the time (in the cooler months) and would love to share them, but just don't have the experience with writing them in a traditional, readable-for-people-other-than-me format.  If you can get in touch with me it would be AMAZING. 

So, anyway, I'm going to be rewriting the pattern while knitting it in the next few weeks with you all in mind so where I wrote it badly hopefully it will be much better!  If you have been planning to try it, I'd suggest maybe waiting until I've rewritten it.  This is really high on the priority list so it shouldn't take too long (when I first knit it, it was for the competition, and I actually had to reknit it two days before I had to send it off - so I can knit it fast, I just have to buy some yarn).

Sorry bout all this, folks.  I should have been writing while I was knitting it, so I could make sure it was all fine.  Hope you'll give it a try when it's all fixed up!!


  1. I'm really exited :) I think I give it a try before you rewrite it, maybe I can give you some question or pick the unclear parts of your pattern. On first sight I can'y really understood the part with yom - this yo while knitting should just disappear? I have not tried your pattern with yarn and needles yet so maybe it will be clear then.

    1. I'm so glad you want to try it! I have to say, though, I've started reknitting it and there are some major mistakes that I would not have made if I had been writing while I was knitting it the first time. If you wait until I finish rewriting it, I've got that thing with the yom and all the other stuff fixed so that it's so much clearer! Hope you'll try it then! Thanks