wool competition

Wow, it's been a long time.  Sorry folks.  Things get busy.  Funny thing though is that I've got a lot of stuff that is just starting now, so I'm not really getting less busy, but for all that I am determined to stick with blogging!

So, yeah, a couple weeks ago I entered into a competition and won first place in my category! =D  I had a blast.  The competition is designed to help promote the beauty and versatility of wool products and stuff like that.  This time, I made a pair of shorts out of some herringbone wool that have details similar to this pair, and I also knit a sweater from some bulky recycled wool yarn that I love.

Sorry for the bad pic!  You know, lighting.  I love the outfit, but as far as it goes, the shorts weren't the best thing I ever sewed.  They might not take me to nationals, anyway.  But life goes on, and I adore the sweater.

And, I wrote the pattern!  Right now I'm working on writing it out so that I can put it up for you all.  I figured out the lace and everything!  I'm not sure how long it will take before I can post it, hopefully within the next week.