some art

I thought it might be cool to share some of my artwork.  I've actually been drawing for much, much longer than I've been sewing or knitting, and in my personal life that is more what people know me for.  So these are some of my more successful drawings that I have done:

This is one of few that came out of my head, but it's sort of inspired by some Eischer art that I've been forever fascinated by.  My perspective looks off because of the camera angle and then trying to crop it, but it's not too bad in real life.

Here is one that is a copy of a photo from an old nat geo magazine. The sky in the photo was not so unrealistically bright looking, though!  This one is in oil pastels. I love the heavy, heavy contrast that the pastels give, which is definitely missing in this next one:

This one is done in crayons, just your eight basic crayola colors.  They didn't have the sharpness and softness to give the sharp edges and deep shadows, and it doesn't quite capture the gloominess of the photo (this is also from the same magazine).  I added some edges with a marker, but it didn't quite do it.
These two drawings are from a phase when I was copying a bunch of cool photos from this one magazine.  There are a few more, actually.  Another time!


  1. Wow! These are professional! I really love the pastels on the second one, and the stairs in the first drawing make a really cool effect. :D

  2. These are good drawings :) I came across your blog through stumbleupon and just read the whole thing. You have a really cool sense of style.

    I've been drawing clothes for a while that I wish I had but haven't ever seen anywhere. The trouble is, I can't sew and I'm too lazy to start.

    I draw, write, scrapbook, make cards and jewelery. One thing I regret not learning how to do is sew. This is a cool blog. Maybe it'll inspire me to actually learn XD Keep it up.

  3. Hello there!
    Just wanted to say that your blog is awesome!

    I really like the look you have on old clothes, and the design you make out of them!
    This is kind of amazing...

    All the best of luck for you in the future! I am waiting on your new designs soon!

  4. Hi- just want to say that I love your art work.