three easy refashions

So I got this dress thing from the thrift store.  It was just this giant square that had been sewn into a triangle, with slits for the arms, legs and neck and birds printed on the front.  Some people may think that I ruined a perfectly good piece of clothing, because I mean it was hip and all and not like totally outdated or anything.  It just wasn't my style, and hey, it was five bucks!   Anyway, this is the first top I made out of it.

Just two squares, you know, using the birds on the front.  It is definitely a whole lot more useable for me than the triangle thing. 

I also had a good deal of fabric left, so I made this:

I wore this outfit to Six Flags Magic Mountain last week (except with pants), and it was very comfortable, you know, just a comfy cami over a tank (Yes, I am wearing a tank!). I like how nice it looks in the drapy fabric, which isn't something you get to work with too much when you sew.  At least not me.  I'm usually stuck with pretty stiff jersey like you get from old tees.  Not that that's bad!  Here's a similar top out of my dad's old tee:

I liked the blue one so much I decided use the tee for another zipperless one.  This thing took like twenty minutes.  A tutorial is in the works, so stay tuned!  So, yeah, love this top, wear it constantly now.  I love the look that the fading from the original tee gives this top.  Kinda rugged, you know, how you would think it should look, being made out of a guy's old shirt.  Like boyfriend jeans. 

The backpack was something I threw together for a trip.  It's in need of some finishing touches, so I'll show it to you in time, maybe.  The same fabric as those darned skinnies!  I forgot about those skinnies.  Maybe now that it's going to cool off (not today, we've got triple digits!) I can fix them up, tighten them.


  1. That turned out well. I like the bird print. You have great eyebrows by the way.

  2. Great shirts, they look simple to make but the effect is really pleasing. Your styling really works well too!