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Haha!  Didn't think I could do it, huh!  Just kidding...  Anyway, here we have a lovely mock tee shirt, made with the skirt of a maxi dress:

It is a mock tee shirt because it's made out of woven fabric.  I do not find it to be in the least constrictive or uncomfortable, and the "method" I used was exactly the same as I would have used for this style if it had been a knit fabric.  However, I would definitely not recommend going and sewing up a bunch of stuff with a woven fabric using patterns designed for knits!  It's the loose-fitting style that makes this work.   I'm sure you know that but for like liability or something...

Yes, I took pics of the process.   We'll see about a tutorial...  I think this would be especially good for a tutorial though because it would work well for any slightly flared skirt of a certain size, i.e., would make a shirt loose-fitting enough to look okay.  I'm thinking a skirt whose measurement across the hem is 1/2 your bust plus 10 inches or something like that, and around 35" to 40" long.  My dress had a skirt that was 40" long and I had some extra to match stripes on the sleeves, so you want too keep stuff like that in mind.

The original dress:

Courtesy of my sissy, who didn't like it for whatever reason.  It didn't fit me, but I'm not much of a dress person anyway.

So, yes, thanks for looking!

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