update on tee shirt tutorial

I've been promising a tutorial on a tee shirt that I made a while back.  I didn't take pics while I was sewing it, so I said that I would sew a new one with this drapy off-white knit I had, and would take pictures then for a tutorial.

I have a confession to make.

I killed it.

Yes, I do try things and then end up killing them...in this case, I had so much trouble hemming such a stretchy fabric that I tried everything I could think of to fix it and now it's so short it just looks plain wrong.  Not like a crop tee, which I don't like on me anyway.  Ugly.


Okay, well, you can't tell how bad it is in this picture, but believe me, when it's on it looks much worse!

Maybe, someday, I will try again with a fabric that is less ridiculous to work with, like actual normal jersey that doesn't have like ten miles of stretch, but my jersey supply is running low and I want to conserve it for sleeveless items more suitable for the triple-digit weather we get around here.

After a while I may try resuscitating it but not till I've had time to think it over, and the warming weather is not helping me - I won't be able to wear this till maybe October, if I'm lucky.


  1. urrrr... sorry to hear that, put it away for a while, you might find that your skills/ machine tension settings etc improve and you can refashion it into something else later?

  2. Have you tried using liquid starch before you stich? Seriously-works great for stabilizing difficult textiles. Xperiment to get the right dilution: 2-1 water to starch, etc. dip your pieces and iron to dry. Press that hem in place and wash . . . Viola! Difficult task success!! :-) let me know...

  3. can happen to everyone :)