dress 4

Uh, yeah, couple days late, but that's because I wasn't able to photograph it in time.  This top was a gift for my sister, and she was off doing something other than posing for me so yeah, sorry!  But here we are:

This was pretty close to the drawstring cami tutorial, just done sort of freehand.  Now I know that the tutorial should work fine with a woven fabric.

The original lovely girl's Easter dress:

I don't even know where this came from.  It's one of those things that you hope your parents never made you wear, but you can't know for sure because you don't remember... But I don't think me or my two sisters would have stood for such mistreatment anyway.

Okay, I guess it isn't so bad. My sis likes it more now though.  So I guess this was a success!  Yay!

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